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       We specialize in pvc id production and special pop-up/sliding invitation, Tickets and all other typical desktop publishing jobs like business card, letterhead, cd labels, graphic designing and large format printing like tarpaulin and many more.

Soon we will have a variety of services like balloon twisting, party crafts and stuffs related to that.


 PVC ID Cards Sulit Packages

PVC ID card
Lace/Sling (*Embroidered)
Free clip
Php 44.00!

PVC ID card
Lace/Sling (*Embroidered)
PVC ID jacket/protector
Free clip
Php 47.50!

PVC ID card
Lace/Sling (*Embroidered)
PVC ID jacket/protector
Button pin logo
Free clip
Php 51.00! 



     - Silkscreened                         = Php 12.00 (minimum 100 pcs)

     - Embroidered                         = Php 14.00 (minimum 500 pcs)

     - Button Pin Logo                    = Php 4.00

     - ID Jacket / Protector    

             Crystal Case (ATM Size)  = Php 12.00 Single Side (minimum 50 pcs) Picture Here

             Crystal Case (ATM Size)  = Php 14.00 Double Side (minimum 50 pcs)

             Standard (ATM Size)        = Php 5.50 Single Side (minimum 50 pcs) Picture Here

             Standard (ATM Size)        = Php 7.00 Double Side (minimum 50 pcs)


*Prices are subject to change without prior notice 

*Packages minimum order is 100pcs and above only, if below 100pcs please ask for quotation.

*Embroidered lace/slings only available for pvc id orders 500 and above, if less than 500,
printed(silkscreened) will be applied.


Quantity vs. Price Matrix

Terms and Conditions

1.) All pvc id packages includes onsite pictorial, photo editing and layout.

2.) Pictorial will only be held twice* or on (2)* two consecutive days, hence if student(s), faculty member(s) or employee(s) fails to attend pictorial on the arranged date, he/she must email his/her 2x2 or larger picture on the E-mail address provided.

3.) Printed Arts will only follow the SIGNED ORIGINAL MASTERCOPY of the list of names and other information of the student(s), faculty member(s) and employee(s) provided, if it is the company's failure to follow the said list properly Printed Arts will replace the non-compliant pvc id(s) free of charge, otherwise if it is the clients failure to secure the correct information on the mastercopy of the said list, the client will be charged accordingly on the regular amount the pvc id(s) costs.

4.) For additional PVC ID's the minimum order is (5) five pieces.

5.) For additional lace/slings the minimum order for printed(Silkscreened) is (100) pieces and for embroidered is (500) pieces

6.) Strap/lace/sling thickness and textures varies, this matter will be discussed accordingly through inquiry or in person.

7.) Other add-ons and accessories will also be discussed accordingly through inquiry or in person.

8.) Pvc id layout will be subject to client's approval prior to printing or production.

*number of days of pictorial may vary from number of individuals


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